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For more than three decades, Marjorie Anne Sauder was a dynamic force for change, working tirelessly to ensure that the kids and families of BC would have the best healthcare possible.


Marjorie Anne was a passionate philanthropist who dedicated her life to helping others. She was a beacon of kindness, hope and compassion, a leader and a visionary. Sadly, this beloved community leader passed away in November 2021 — but she left with us all a powerful and inspiring legacy. She is remembered for her incredibly generous spirit, infectious smile and compassion.


A loyal friend to BC Children’s Hospital, Marjorie Anne supported the hospital’s work in many capacities. She served as a founding member of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Foundation’s Circle of Care program, and was a key supporter of the Crystal Ball Gala for 35 years. Recognizing the importance of research for the future of health, her family also established two research endowments, supporting innovation and advancements at the hospital.

On the fifth floor of BC Children’s Hospital’s Teck Acute Care Centre, there is a garden that bears her family’s name — a serene, beautiful outdoor space designed for healing. A hospital can be a frightening place for a child and a place of anxiety and stress for parents and caregivers.

Marjorie Anne, dear supporter and friend to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, had a vision to create a space in the hospital that was a welcome distraction, a place that naturally encouraged healing while conveying a message of hope and life. The Sauder Family Healing Garden provides this relief, thanks to Marjorie Anne’s vision.

Deeply invested in a healthier future for kids across the province, Marjorie Anne was committed to holistic care and understood the importance of creating a healing environment for children — and this commitment is reflected in many ways throughout BC Children’s Hospital.

At the heart of Marjorie Anne’s commitment was hope. She had a bold vision for the future of pediatric health in BC and made a tremendous difference in the lives of children and families.


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