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One in every 20 kids in BC will visit BC Children’s Hospital this year. That’s nearly one student in every classroom. During this time, while students aren’t physically in classrooms, they can still be part of the Jean Up movement. Since the month-long movement has gone digital, it’s easier than ever to participate. It’s also a powerful way to promote a sense of togetherness and you can celebrate through your school channels or parents can share on social media throughout the month of May.

Double your impact!

During May, all donations made through your online school fundraising page will be matched* by our friends at Odlum Brown Limited.

Ready to get involved with Jean Up? Here’s how.

  • Sign up your school
  • Collect donations online by sharing your school’s donation link
  • Pick a day, a week or the whole month and encourage your school community to donate and wear their jeans as a symbol of something bigger—helping BC’s kids get out of their hospital gowns and back into their jeans

Download your Jean Up poster, digital assets and social media toolkit here


Jean Up school sponsor, Odlum Brown

* Gifts will be matched from May 1-31, up to a cumulative total of $29,000.

Childhood belongs in jeans