Why jeans?


This May, we’re on a mission to make jeans a symbol of something bigger—helping kids get out of their hospital gowns and back into their jeans.

Why? Because each year, tens of thousands of kids will visit BC Children’s. As the only children’s hospital in the province, they count on the care provided here to undergo highly specialized surgery, endure chemotherapy to treat a rare form of cancer, or receive physiotherapy to recover from an injury. Ensuring every child receives the best health care possible is an enormous job.

But now, with COVID-19, it’s an even greater one. During these trying and uncertain times, health care providers at BC Children’s continue to do what they’ve always done—ensure kids and families get the expert care they need. But this pandemic has made their difficult jobs even harder.

By joining us this May, you can make a difference. Your support will help us continue to deliver the best possible care to kids so they can get back into their jeans sooner.

Childhood belongs in jeans