Our cause


Your generosity and leadership is launching efforts to raise $5 million that will give our orthopedic experts the capabilities to expand and accelerate the world-class clinical care and research performed at BC Children’s so that the lives of even more children can be transformed.

In addition to critically needed equipment, your support will build a comprehensive clinical research program that will enable this team to conquer more challenges, answer more questions, prevent kids from requiring surgeries and power the research engine needed to pursue new and life-altering advances in clinical and surgical care.

This team is already known nationally and around the globe, including in countries like China and India, for transforming care for kids suffering from traumatic injuries and serious, lifelong conditions, including complex limb and hip conditions. They also educate the greatest number of pediatric orthopedic surgeons in Canada, making BC Children’s the number one training program in the country for the next generation of pediatric orthopedic experts.

Treating more than 500 conditions and 14,000 patient visits each year, this team sees children with enormous challenges, many of which follow them into adulthood. With a vision to improve the life of each child, these experts are focused on finding the best treatments for these kids—that not only heals them in the moment, but gives them the healthiest of futures. With their expertise and innovation, and with your generosity, their potential to do that is unlimited.

They can’t do this alone. And that’s why we need you—to help them map a brighter future in the stars for kids in BC, and around the globe.

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