It Takes a Village to Heal a Child

Six iconic BC institutions bring unique, engaging experiences to the Teck Acute Care Centre

When children are ill and must spend significant time in the hospital, they may miss key childhood experiences: attending school, participating in sports, hanging out with friends and going on fun outings in their community.

Six iconic BC institutions—the Vancouver Aquarium, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Science World, Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Vancouver Art Gallery and Royal BC Museum—were asked to bring unique, engaging experiences to the new building. Collaborating with patients, families and clinicians, each community partner created an experience that inspires wonder, awe and learning, while reflecting the beauty and diversity of BC’s natural environment.

“Staff across departments said ‘yes’ without hesitation and willingly took time from their schedules to create, source and write for the installation,” said Janet MacDonald, Head of Learning at the Royal BC Museum.

TECK Artwork

“We hope it provides some distraction and entertainment for patients and their families and can, in some small way, improve their experience and accelerate their healing journey.” — Janet MacDonald, Head of Learning at the Royal BC Museum

Patient and family advisory committee members provided input and feedback about what they liked, calmed them and made them feel safe, including depictions of nature, animals in family pairs and familiar places.

“The kids told us that images of home made them feel safe and connected,” said Analyn Perez, clinical lead on the Oncology ward. “Scenes from their hometown can be so important to their mental well-being and help them stay positive.”

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