A kid’s best friend

With the support of PetSmart Charities of Canada, the Pet Therapy Program at BC Children’s is poised to expand


Fudge is a fun-loving dog—but he takes his volunteering at BC Children’s Hospital very seriously. Whether comforting one child before surgery or distracting another during a blood draw, Fudge is a happy and calming presence as a volunteer with the hospital’s Pet Therapy Program.

Fudge pet therapy

Fudge the labradoodle with Dr. Patrick McDonald

According to Beth, his owner, Fudge is a “mellow fellow” who thinks that he’s a lap dog—even though he’s a full-size labradoodle. “If there is a really upset child, I will get a blanket and Fudge will go right up on the bed and snuggle with the child until it’s time for surgery,” she said.

With the support of PetSmart Charities® of Canada, the Pet Therapy Program at BC Children’s is poised to expand—helping to meet the emotional needs of even more kids receiving care. “It just makes all the difference to have a dog there to hold on to when [children are] feeling scared,” said Beth.

All volunteers and pets in BC Children’s Pet Therapy Program are evaluated and certified by St. John’s Ambulance and BC Pets and Friends.

To learn more, please contact BCChildrensTDP@SJABCY.ca


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