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A miner with a heart of gold


Each and every day, clinicians at BC Children’s work to better understand the genetic causes of heart disease and other serious childhood illnesses. And as mentioned in the previous story, they are now expanding these efforts through establishing a Cellular and Regenerative Medicine Centre—thanks to generous support from the BC mining community.

Through their connection with Mining for Miracles, Brett and Carole Knelson have for years hosted an annual barbeque in support of BC Children’s—that is, until last year when the pandemic hit. Yet even when they had every excuse to stop, Brett and Carole instead used their creativity and grit, and stepped up.

They transformed their annual in-person event into a digital fundraiser. Brett connected with friends and colleagues online and asked them–if they could–to make a donation to continue to support the hospital. The response was beyond anything Brett had imagined.

“I was totally blown away,” says Brett. “We raised $114,000 without really offering much in return. I was once again so incredibly impressed by my friends and colleagues, because this was raised purely in the spirit of giving.”

Thanks to philanthropists like Brett, Carole, and their friends and colleagues, kids at BC Children’s are given a better chance at a healthier future. Thank you.

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