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Mental health in a pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone’s lives, but kids and youth in particular are faced with unique challenges.

BC Children’s investigators Drs. Evelyn Stewart and Hasina Samji are leading an online survey to gauge how kids and adults are affected over time by COVID-19—with focus on the underserved or previously ill. The goal is to learn about specific needs and preferred resources from both child and parent perspectives.

They will then provide decision-makers with evidence to help guide clinical and policy decisions for this and future pandemics. Everyone is eligible to participate.

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Through an online tool developed at BC Children’s, another study led by Dr. Quynh Doan, director, clinical research, is seeking how often, how severe, and what types of mental health concerns children and youth are having during the pandemic. From this, they will learn how best to connect families with needed resources. This study was supported in part by Rio Tinto, who was inspired to support kids and families struggling during this difficult time.

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