Rewriting the story for children of the future

A legacy of changing lives for the better

Alfons Welchering loved to tell stories to a captive audience of family and friends. His gentle nature and sense of humour charmed those who he spoke to. Alfons’ 89 years of life were filled with unique experiences and stories of his own. His love of travel and adventure took him everywhere from Europe, to the warm Arizona desert, to cities throughout Canada.

Alfons was born in Germany in 1929, the youngest of 12 siblings. In 1954, the 24-year-old emigrated to Canada, unexpectedly ending up as a passenger on one of the first-ever transatlantic flights. Alfons lived and worked in Saskatchewan, and Powell River until a farm in the Fraser Valley became his home.

Trained as a horticulturist in Germany, Alfons’ deep understanding of growing and harvesting plants, vegetables and fruit led to a satisfying 30 years of farming. Alfons was described by family as being ahead of his time in his approach to healthy living. He kept active, ate fresh foods and truly understood the meaning of farm to table.

While Alfons didn’t have a family of his own, he cared deeply for the welfare of children. His forward-thinking mindset inspired him to meet with an advisor to discuss how he could make a difference for children with his assets. A regular donor to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Alfons received advice around tax planning and charitable giving, cementing his decision to leave his estate, and designate his segregated mutual funds to the Foundation when he passed away in 2018.

Alfons lived a simple life but, with the support of his family and advisor, was deeply satisfied in being able to leave a meaningful legacy for the children of BC. His gift will help to rewrite the story for kids battling childhood illness, so they too can share their words with others for years to come.

 Legacy Giving: Many ways to change lives 

There are many ways you can help change lives through a legacy gift—a planned future gift where your generosity benefits generations to come. Like Alfons, when you work with an advisor you are able to choose the best approach for your life and the impact you wish to make.

Official beneficiary forms need to be completed for registered financial accounts held by your financial institution. Insurance policies may also be designated on the insurer’s beneficiary form. Some benefits include:

  • Fewer delays: Your gift to your charity would typically be distributed more quickly by the financial institution, and get to work sooner.
  • Lower probate fees: Your designated asset would not form part of your estate for purposes of calculating this fee.
  • Your decision remains: Designating your registered financial asset, or your life insurance policy, ensures your charitable choice is unhindered by family members who may not challenge your gift.
  • Lower taxes on other income: While certain registered assets, like an RRSP or RRIF must be reported as income, the charitable tax receipts provide a donation credit that may offset other income taxes.

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This article was originally featured in the Fall 2021 issue of Shine magazine.

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