When a good cause gets personal

Finding inspiration close to home

It all started with a simple fitness challenge and ended with a huge gift, inspired by a brave child’s battle with cancer, that represented a step forward in creating hope for cancer patients.

Dan Jordan is a senior vice president at Colliers, a multi-national real estate company that was founded in BC. He set up a 30-day fitness challenge for BC employees with the goal of raising $5,000 for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

It wasn’t long before the employees discovered this charitable cause was hitting closer to home than they’d initially realized. Nicholas, the young son of a fellow Colliers employee, was undergoing treatment at BC Children’s to fight cancer, and with this as their rallying cry the other employees took their fundraising to another level.

During the 30-day workout challenge, Colliers employees raised an amazing $155,746, over 30 times the original goal. These hard-earned funds were donated to BC Children’s Hospital to support oncology research, mental health and social work.

Nicholas and his family are deeply grateful to all the supportive employees at Colliers, as well as the medical staff at BC Children’s who have provided such great care.


This article was originally featured in the Fall 2021 issue of Shine magazine.

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