Mighty equipment changes lives

When we think about progress in child health, scientific breakthroughs and novel treatments usually come to mind. And yet, there’s something else that also has an immense impact on health outcomes: the right equipment. At a children’s hospital, a diverse range of medical devices and surgical tools are vital for the care of patients of all sizes—from a newborn who just took their first breaths to a 16-year-old teenager.

Each year, donations to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation support over 1,000 pieces of specialized pediatric equipment. This generosity keeps BC Children’s at the cutting edge of care, helping medical teams press forward as they confront the most serious health challenges facing kids.

Here’s a glimpse of the equipment supported by some of the biggest hearts we’ve encountered—donors like you.



They may be small, but video VRA systems perform a powerful job: testing for hearing loss in kids. Used over 1,000 times a year, the diagnostic systems encourage patients to look at a particular spot if they hear a sound. When they do, they’re rewarded with a video that holds their attention. By encouraging these responses, audiologists can more easily and accurately make diagnoses—leading to timely treatments that can halt hearing loss.


When faced with illness or injury, maintaining a child’s body temperature is crucial as it prevents complications like hypothermia and delayed wound healing. This lifesaving equipment is used every day at BC Children’s, including Ledcor Children’s Emergency. Harnessing an air-and water-free warming system through blankets and mattresses, these state-of-the-art warmers keep kids snug and safe from head to toe.


Accidents happen. When they culminate in a broken bone, kids are rushed to the hospital for an X-ray. But sometimes, they may be too fragile to transfer from one unit of the hospital to the radiology department—which is where a mobile X-ray comes in. The compact and easy-to-maneuver diagnostic tool can be used at a patient’s bedside or in the operating room.

This article was originally featured in the Spring 2023 issue of Shine magazine.

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