Complaints policy

We’re committed to providing our stakeholders with a high level of service that supports our mission

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is committed to providing our stakeholders, including but not limited to our donors, child health partners and the general public with a high level of service that supports OUR MISSION—To transform child health through excellence in philanthropy.

This policy is intended to ensure that complaints received from the public about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (the Foundation) are dealt with promptly, consistently and fairly in accordance with the Foundation’s highest standards of values and accountability.

The Foundation will fully, fairly and transparently deal with complaints received from the public regarding its staff, volunteers, or operations in a timely manner.

Definition: Complaints are defined as an expression of dissatisfaction with regard to a delivery of service, an action or a decision taken by BCCHF, or the way in which BCCHF employees or volunteers carry out their duties.

Complaints typically arise when a person believes failure or perceived failure to:

  • Do something agreed upon or expected
  • Observe policy and procedures
  • An error made by staff or volunteers, or
  • Demonstrate unfair, discourteous, distrust actions/statements by staff or volunteers

A complaint may be received verbally or in writing.

  • by phone: 604.449.6333
  • visit:
  • by mail: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation 938 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4H4

To provide feedback regarding your experience or treatment within BC Children’s Hospital, please visit their Patient Experience webpage for more information.

Complaints may be received by anyone in the organization, and will be handled in accordance with established procedures.

Procedure for Processing Complaints

When a complaint is received, it will be handled in the following manner and in accordance with the Foundation’s values:

  1. The complaint will be directed to the appropriate Foundation staff or department.
  2. A complainant will receive contact from the appropriate person within the organization within three business days even if an appropriate solution to the problem requires additional time.
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved right away, the appropriate department will respond as soon as the matter has been reviewed. All concerned parties will be advised of the results of the review.
  4. If the complainant is an existing donor and self-identifies, a note will be added to the Database account, following a standard format.
  5. If the complainant does not have a Database account or prefers to remain anonymous, a note will be added to an “Anonymous” account in the Database, following the standard format.
  6. The employee who receives the complaint is responsible for resolving the complaint or referring it to the appropriate person within the appropriate department.
  7. The Director of Donor & Information Services reviews the Database complaints report monthly and addresses any unresolved matters.
  8. Donor Services and Direct Response Marketing departments liaise to resolve complaints and take appropriate action when recurring themes are identified.
  9. The Foundation’s Board is informed annually of the number, type, and disposition of complaints received. The complaints report is submitted to the Board of Directors at its first meeting in a calendar year.

The Foundation will maintain procedures to receive and respond to complaints or inquiries about its policies and practices relating to the handling of personal information. The complaint procedures will be easily accessible and simple to use.

Individuals who make inquiries or lodge complaints will be informed by the Foundation of the existence of relevant complaint procedures.

If a complaint is found to be justified, the Foundation will take appropriate measures and if necessary, amendment of the Foundation’s policies and practices.

Where a complaint cannot be easily resolved, it will be escalated to the appropriate Foundation executive member. Complaints about the President & CEO and Board Members will be directed to the Chair, Governance Committee.

Confidentiality: Complaints are kept confidential when received. However, complaints that go forward will require that if an individual is the subject of the complaint that that person and other persons involved must be advised in order to fully and fairly review the complaint.

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