Conquering childhood illnesses


Amazing progress has been made in improving outcomes for many childhood illnesses. But when it comes to taking on the enormous health challenges our children face, there is so much more to do.

Debilitating diseases are on the rise. Many illnesses continue to be suffered in excruciating silence. And too many kids wait for treatments that don’t yet exist.

What if you helped?

Through the power of philanthropy, we know we can change this. Your generosity will support the three critical areas that are needed to advance the quest to conquer childhood illnesses:

  • Research. By pushing forward research, you will help experts understand why illnesses are hurting kids so that something can be done about it.
  • Technology. By funding the latest technologies, you will enable experts to innovate in what they use to deliver more effective care.
  • Kid-focused care. Your support will ensure kids are cared for by specialists and with programs that understand how they are different.



Learn more about how experts at BC Children’s Hospital are challenging the status quo in the quest to conquer childhood illnesses in our latest version of The Shine Magazine.


BC Children's is the only hospital in the province devoted exclusively to children


kids visit the hospital for specialized pediatric services each year


researchers on our campus work tirelessly to discover new treatments

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