Mid-Autumn Festival for Children


This Mid-Autumn Festival, reuniting with loved ones can mean so much more.

Mid-Autumn Festival, a widely celebrated festival within the Chinese community, is typically a time when families come together to express gratitude for the harvest and the health and wellbeing of families.

As we gradually progress towards easing restrictions, coming together with loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival can mean so much more this year.

Make reconnecting with loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival extra special with a gift that keeps giving. Delight them with a box of traditional mooncakes or gift cards to their favourite local eatery – our exclusive Mid-Autumn Festival For Children gifts are perfect for celebrating this special occasion.

In addition to showing your gratitude, you’ll also be supporting the world-leading orthopedics team at BC Children’s Hospital. A portion of your purchase will be donated directly to the hospital, enabling orthopedic experts to expand and accelerate world-class clinical care and research.

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