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Here—in one single place—you can keep a pulse on the latest that’s happening to advance children’s health care. You’ll see how fundraising dollars are being spent and learn about some of our most recent strides.

Peterson Fund for Global Hip Health

With the generous support of Peterson, a BC-based real estate company, the journey has begun towards the vision of a world free from the burdens of life-limiting hip conditions. The Peterson Fund for Global Hip Health will build on the orthopaedic team’s track record of leading advances—including the world’s largest DDH database that has led to tangible improvements in clinical care.

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The future of pediatric orthopedic care

A decade ago, if children tore or sprained their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)—one of the key ligaments in the knee—they would either have to stop sports or wait until they stopped growing before getting it reconstructed. This could take years and would impact any aspects of their daily lives. Fast forward to today, and surgeons at BC Children’s can now safely reconstruct a child’s ACL while they’re growing—allowing them to get back to their favourite activities sooner than ever before. 

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