Fundraise for BC Children’s Hospital your way

Virtual fundraisers


During these trying and uncertain times, health care providers at BC Children’s Hospital continue to do what they’ve always done: ensure our kids get the best possible care.

But this pandemic has made their difficult jobs even harder. Physicians, nurses, support service staff and more, all here at our hospital, are having to overcome bigger obstacles to care for kids from across the province.

By hosting a virtual fundraiser, your support plays a profound role in helping our dedicated health care providers respond to rapidly evolving needs and continue to deliver the highest level of care to kids and families.

About virtual fundraisers

Virtual fundraisers are planned and organized by caring people and groups from communities all across the province. From live events on social media to personal challenges, they can be anything that’s a good fit for you and your participants.

Ready to make a difference? Here’s how to get started

  • Check out our Virtual Fundraiser Handbook for more information and a helpful five-step planning guide for your virtual fundraiser.
  • When you’re ready, set up your online fundraising page, add some details about your fundraiser and why you’ve chosen to support BC Children’s Hospital. Then invite friends and family to contribute.
  • Access our Virtual Fundraiser Social Toolkit where you’ll find helpful resources like seasonal fundraiser ideas, social media sample posts, and sharable images.

Join an existing virtual fundraiser

If creating your own fundraiser sounds a bit overwhelming, there’s also the option to join an existing virtual fundraiser. Visit our Foundation Events or Find a Fundraiser page to see what’s on.

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