You are the reason we can aim higher for our children

Why we need you


Our reach

We support the only hospital in the province devoted exclusively to the care of children—which means one million kids in BC and the Yukon count on BC Children’s for specialized care. That might be for a specialist appointment or life-threatening emergency at the Oak Street campus, or in their own communities through outreach clinics.

In addition to the number of kids served, BC Children’s also serves the largest geographic region of any children’s hospital in North America—almost a million square miles. Reaching every child is an enormous job. That’s why we rely on the generosity of donors to help ensure that kids from all corners of the province and everywhere in between have access to expert pediatric care when they need it.

Beyond the basics

We believe that kids and families deserve world-class health care every time they come through our doors. But it’s simply not possible for public funding alone to ensure that. For one, children are different than adults. For the best outcomes, they require specialized tools and compassionate care that prioritizes their unique needs. What’s more, technologies are constantly changing and the cost of recruiting and training the brightest medical minds can be substantial. The government plays a vital role in helping kids get the care they need, but it’ll take every one of us to make sure they receive the best health care imaginable.

That’s where philanthropy comes in. Donations from people like you are the reason we can continually help bring children’s health care to the next level. Your support helps ensure kids have access to the latest and most specialized equipment, funds programs like art and pet therapy, and creates enhanced child and family-friendly facilities—things that wouldn’t otherwise be covered, but plays a huge role in the healing process of children and their families.

Discoveries take time

One of the most powerful ways to beat childhood diseases and create a future of healthier kids is by supporting innovative research. But truly transformative breakthroughs take time. In fact, it can be years before discoveries made in the lab result in better care at a patient’s bedside. When given the funds, we can help shorten this time gap—accelerating medical discoveries and bringing new, more effective treatments to kids when all traditional ones have failed.

When it comes to the health of kids, there is no finish line. But despite the marathon ahead of us, we are constantly sprinting to the next hurdle. With your help, we will keep moving closer to where we want to be.

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