Together, we will push the boundaries of what’s possible

Our Priorities


BC Children’s Hospital is uniquely positioned to embark on the next step in our journey to provide the best health care imaginable to our province’s kids. In 2017, after ten years in the making, the hospital opened the doors of the new Teck Acute Care Centre—an eight-storey, 640,000-sq-ft state-of-the-art facility designed to enable healing and collaboration in ways never before possible.

For us, this marked the beginning of a new era of children’s health care. Now, we are determined to leap forward in our quest to elevate child health provincially, nationally and beyond. And we’re doing this in three key areas:

Treating kids as kids

BC Children’s is focused exclusively on the care of children. Every single decision that’s made—from personalized treatments to hundreds of art installations designed to calm and distract—reflects the fact that kids are not just small adults. Kids need care designed for kids.

Together, we will support the hospital with the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment designed for patients of all sizes, from babies to teens. We will ensure that every child who comes through our doors doesn’t just receive care for their physical issue—but that they also receive compassionate care for their unique emotional needs. And we’re working to ensure that the hospital’s spaces and practices are designed to allow parents to be an active member of the team. We’re doing all of this because we know that the care kids receive today will shape the rest of their lives tomorrow.

Conquering childhood diseases

Over the last several decades, incredible strides have been made in the quest to conquer childhood diseases. But we still have more to do.

That’s why we are laser-focused on making advances in the areas where better treatments and cures are needed. We’re making sure kids with hard-to-treat cancers have access to transformative new therapies. And we’re helping ensure that kids aren’t harmed by the side effects of the very treatments used to heal them.

Getting there will require investing in leading-edge research, diagnostic equipment and clinical trials like never before. We need to attract the most daring thinkers from around the world. We need to equip their labs with the technologies that can help turn ideas into breakthroughs that transform lives. This work takes time—but together, we can accelerate the pace of change.

Preventing illness and injury

Treating sick and injured kids is no longer enough. Our sights are set on the ultimate vision of care: keeping them healthy. From diagnosing mental health conditions at the very first signs to finding the origins of asthma, we’re chasing a future where fewer kids have to enter a hospital.

Your support will allow experts to pursue early research that is daring and bold—and that has the potential to bring extraordinary benefits to kids. It will help ensure children are treated for certain conditions at a point in time in which it can transform the rest of their lives. It will help give tomorrow’s experts the skills they need to continue today’s progress. And ultimately, it will bring pediatric medicine to entirely new levels.

Our goals are ambitious—but they also hold promise like no other. To realize our dreams, it’ll take every single one of us.

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