Addressing the immediate needs facing BC Children’s Hospital

Supporting our current needs and preparing for what lies ahead with COVID-19


What is the Rapid Response Fund?

Our Rapid Response Fund has been created to help address the immediate needs facing BC Children’s Hospital during the COVID-19 crisis.

BC Children’s has been designated as one of the province’s 19 primary COVID hospital care sites—which means that every child in our province who requires intensive care due to the virus will be treated here.

As the hospital ensures its readiness in this critical role, health care providers continue to do what they’ve always done: ensure our kids get the best possible care. But this pandemic has made their difficult jobs even harder.

Support raised through the Rapid Response Fund will provide much-needed funds for our hospital community—for the work they’re doing now and to prepare them for what lies ahead with COVID-19.

Who will this Fund help?

Physicians, nurses, support service staff and more, all here at our hospital, are having to overcome bigger obstacles to care for kids from across the province.

In particular, they are working tirelessly to protect the health of vulnerable populations who are at greater risk due to COVID-19—including children and infants with complex or underlying medical conditions.

Support for the Rapid Response Fund will help:

  • Kids: We all know that a hospital stay is difficult for a child. But now, it’s even more so. With physical distancing measures in place, kids are unable to see many of their loved ones when they need them the most. And when children are feeling more isolated than ever, playrooms have closed and child therapy experts are facing a shortage of bedside activities to comfort and engage them.Donor support will ensure that kids will have games, books, puzzles, art kits, electronic devices and more available to them to ease their experience at the hospital.
  • Patient families: Families who have sick or injured children in our hospital are already going through the most challenging moments of their lives. At a time when the only thing they should have to think about is the health of their child, the pandemic has brought unthinkable stressors—from financial stress related to their jobs and homes, to simply getting a proper meal.Donor support will help ease the daily burdens families are facing, providing gift cards for coffee, food and snacks, as well as other everyday items.
  • Health care providers: Our health heroes—those working on the frontlines to provide the best care possible for our kids—are experiencing enormous obstacles. They are dealing with a shortage of equipment and other supplies to protect their health, as well as the health of the patients they care for. Their mental well-being is also impacted, as they work harder than ever to deliver care under these circumstances.Donor support will provide our medical teams with state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment, enabling them to expand their virtual healthcare capabilities and continue providing essential care to patients, while practicing physical distancing. It will also help fund items to lighten their daily load, such as vouchers for meals and essential items.

We know that this pandemic is a difficult time for all of us, and that everyone is affected. We appreciate your interest in learning more about the Rapid Response Fund.

If you are able, your support can truly make a difference in the lives of our hospital community facing new and evolving challenges.

Consider making a gift to the Rapid Response Fund.

Make a difference for as little as $10/month