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Here—in one single place—you can keep a pulse on the latest that’s happening to advance children’s health care. You’ll see how fundraising dollars are being spent and learn about some of our most recent strides.

Mental health in a pandemic

BC Children’s investigators Drs. Evelyn Stewart and Hasina Samji are leading an online survey to gauge how kids and adults are affected over time by COVID-19—with focus on the underserved or previously ill.

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Mindfulness tips for the holiday season

The holiday season has arrived—and along with it, numerous kids’ activities, gift-buying and hectic schedules that often come with the season. To help you and the kids in your life navigate this busy season, we’ve curated a handful of mindfulness tips.

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Mindfulness Q&A

Dr. Dzung Vo is the director of BC Children’s new Centre for Mindfulness, which launched this past June with the help of donor support. As one of the first mindfulness centres at a children’s hospital globally, its ultimate vision is to create a culture of mindfulness at BC Children’s that will help kids, teens, families and health care providers here and around the world. We sat down with Dr. Vo to learn more.

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Belly Breath App

Kids can face many unknowns at a hospital, such as unfamiliar procedures, needles used in blood tests and immunizations, and massive pieces of equipment. But by learning how to cope with their fears, they can improve management of their anxiety and make a positive difference to their hospital experiences and overall well-being. That’s why Dr. Theresa Newlove, head of the psychology department, Dr. Chris Petersen, director of technology development, and a team of researchers at BC Children’s Hospital developed the Belly Breath app.

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Improving Mental Health Care

If a child has a serious asthma attack or breaks a bone, parents know exactly where to go for help. But when it comes to depression, anxiety or an array of other conditions that affect the mental health of children, knowing where to turn can be difficult. And often, the confusion and stigma surrounding mental health prevents many from seeking help in the first place. The result? Of the 84,000 children and youth experiencing mental health conditions in the province, a staggering 70 per cent aren’t getting the specialized care they need.

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Crystal Ball 2018 total

The 32nd Annual Crystal Ball, presented by Beedie Development Group raised over $4,000,000 for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. These fund will advance the enhancement and expansion of pediatric mental health programs.

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