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Here—in one single place—you can keep a pulse on the latest that’s happening to advance children’s health care. You’ll see how fundraising dollars are being spent and learn about some of our most recent strides.

Conquering diabetes

Dr. Francis Lynn, a researcher at the Canucks for Kids Fund Childhood Diabetes Laboratories at BC Children’s, is on a quest to conquer diabetes. Find out how.

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When cancer strikes back

Inspired by generous support from the Michael Cuccione Foundation and the Murray family, researchers at BC Children’s Hospital are determined to find out why twenty per cent of children with cancer relapse or don’t respond to traditional therapies.

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Mental health in a pandemic

BC Children’s investigators Drs. Evelyn Stewart and Hasina Samji are leading an online survey to gauge how kids and adults are affected over time by COVID-19—with focus on the underserved or previously ill.

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The hidden scars of heart disease

Many children who are born with a heart defect live with a physical scar. But for others, the scars can run much deeper—and the imprint they leave on the rest of a child’s life is profound. Read about one child’s close call after suddenly going into cardiac arrest, and how research is helping diagnose and effectively treat this condition.

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Rio Tinto supports COVID-19 mental health study

Rio Tinto is proud to support BC Children’s Hospital to help fund a new study led by pediatric mental health experts aimed at better understanding how the pandemic has impacted children’s mental health.

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Peterson Fund for Global Hip Health

With the generous support of Peterson, a BC-based real estate company, the journey has begun towards the vision of a world free from the burdens of life-limiting hip conditions. The Peterson Fund for Global Hip Health will build on the orthopaedic team’s track record of leading advances—including the world’s largest DDH database that has led to tangible improvements in clinical care.

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Tackling strep with speed

Until now, the gold standard of using a throat culture swab to diagnose strep throat has required a three-day wait for results. But now, a new molecular test is being evaluated at BC Children’s Hospital that provides a diagnosis within minutes, without needing confirmation from another test.

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Sleep Lab at Home

The Sleep Lab at Home program could offer a host of benefits for families to receive high-quality overnight sleep assessments in the comfort of their own beds and would be the first of its kind in Canada.

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The search for light

The next revolution in personalized medicine Imagine that, in the months after your child is born, they don’t hit any of the usual developmental milestones, like rolling over or crawling. As time passes, your fears start to mount as your child begins to suffer from more debilitating symptoms, such as seizures and vision loss.

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Keeping kids out of the hospital

An asthma diagnosis can be overwhelming. While there is no cure, symptoms can be managed with proper care—which families get a crash course in once diagnosed. But still, many parents worry that they won’t be prepared to recognize or manage an asthma attack when it happens.

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